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A high-power modular matrix of laser diodes


S.I. Derzhavin, O.A. Dyukel, V.N. Timoshkin

It is a short report about new high-power diode matrix created by «Advanced Energy Technologies» company jointly with Prokhorov General Physics Institute of RAS. The brief characteristic of the physical and technical problems solved during working out of the matrix is presented: providing the effective cooling, obtaining the high density of total radiation beam, matching the coefficients of thermal expansion of laser diode material and heat sink material, a solder choice et al. The special regard is given to the problem of «smile» – a curvature of laser diode bar as a result of soldering to the heat sink. Three various technologies of the soldering are offered and tested, the optimum one is chosen as minimizing the «smile». Efficiency of the applied cooling scheme, which provides absence of thermal influence of single matrix modules to each other, absence of temperature restrictions on capacity increase and matrix operation integrally in all range of operating currents, is proved. The summary of the basic characteristics and technical parameters of the matrix is given.

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