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Development and results of ground tests of optoelectronic tract for use in spacecraft orientation


M.A. Karpov, E.V. Egorova, V.I. Nefedov

The analysis of the results of ground tests of opto-electronic channel for use in the orientation of the spacecraft, which shows the effectiveness of the developed method of increasing the accuracy of determining the orientation of a real spacecraft is presented. The prospects of using optical star sensors in the joint with an electron-optical converter. A prototype of an optical-electronic tract optical star sensor, comprising a planar IC, docked with the photoreceiver matrix via a fiber-optic Fauconnier, allowing for shooting with exposures of 10-7 and with an adjustable gain from 0 to 103. Tests were performed on a simulator layout is developed of the celestial sphere, which allowed to determine the boundaries of appropriateness.

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