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Cell radiation


A.V. Kharlanov

Any biological object constantly communicates with objects surrounding it. One of communication channels is the radiated electromagnetic wave. In the article, generation of an electromagnetic wave by a cell is considered. On external and inside of a live cage there are ions of different signs. In the course of ability to live the cage membrane makes acoustic oscillations, hence, and charges at a membrane surface make oscillations. Accordingly, the cell radiates an electromagnetic wave. The field created in space both one cell, and group of cells has been found. It is shown how various kinds of acoustic oscillations of cells influence radiated electromagnetic waves. Intensity of electric field quickly decreases with distance increase. The more radiated cells, the more slowly it decreases. On distance of 1 mm the field has an order of 1 mV/m. The magnetic field thus accepts very small value. Thus, as cell radiation depends on parameters of oscillations of cells (kind, frequency, amplitude, phase), and, hence, from a condition of cells it is possible to draw a conclusion that this radiation can have information sense, that is serve as a communication channel for «dialogue» of cells with each other. The more cells, the information interchange as the next cells are connected with each other directly is easier should be carried out and can synchronize each other, strengthening thereby an information signal. The external signal can, both to strengthen an information signal, and to weaken it, that is to affect organism functioning. Also, on this radiation it is possible, by means of measuring devices, to define a condition of biological object.
May 29, 2020

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