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Management decision-making algorithm for the ship protection against air attacks under risk conditions


N.S. Shcherbakov

The action algorithm of a person making a decision when repelling the air attack weapon to a ship under risk conditions is considered. It is supposed that antiaircraft defence of the ship consists of two lines of defence, which are protected by the long and short range air-defense missile systems accordingly. Two-line air defence system is presented as a two-level multichannel queue system with a limited queue length before every phase of maintenance and the fire requests brook no delay in relation to staying time in the queue of requests. The task is to allocate anti-aircraft guided missiles ammunition of close and remote lines rationally. The article presents the strategy algorithm of firing at a target by one, two or three anti-aircraft guided missiles in the close and remote lines of air defence. At each stage the decision is made, a penetration risk of air attack weapon to a ship is estimated, and the decision is determined, making it possible to minimize the risk. This algorithm can be used in the simulators for the Navy ship staff training.

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