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The procedure for calculations of power of aircraft’s mobile communication blocking module


V.P. Likhachev, E.B. Khanov

A case is examined when cellular communication user terminals placed inside a multistory building are blocked electronically. The calculations for power of a transmitter of aircraft’s mobile communication blocking module are done given the user terminals’ preassigned alienation zone. The analytical expressions for a possible alienation zone of user terminals placed inside multistory buildings and near them are deduced. As the results suggest, to provide a reliable communication blocking inside the building and the absence of interference outside the alienation zone the value of blocker power has to be chosen with due regard for the distance from a legitimate base station, its capacity, the dimensions of a buildings and the sizes of the alienation zone as well as attenuation in walls, floors and ceilings. In open space blocking of GSM cellular communication is made possible with probability 0,95 at a distance more than 2 km.

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