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The linear speed change model of the air target, maneuvering in the vertical plane


R.R. Shatovkin, O.I. Sentyabov, V.A. Malyshev

In implementing the homing fighter for aerial target key information parameters are target range, speed of approach to the fighter and the angular coordinates of the target, measured, mostly airborne radar. That is, for secondary processing of information requires the use of these particular models of change in motion parameters. At the same time such an important parameter for guidance, as the linear velocity of an air target, aboard a fighter can not be measured, and used its average value. This is a significant disadvantage to the fighter homing air target. It is possible to determine the linear speed maneuvering air targets on board a fighter for information about the parameters of the rotational motion of goals coming from the optical-electronic system. The presence of primary non-radar measurements of the rate requires the implementation of secondary processing. This, in turn, leads to the necessity of synthesis algorithm of estimation of linear speed maneuvering air target based on an appropriate model. Thus, there arises the problem of model changes in line speed maneuvering air targets. In this aerial target can maneuver in the vertical plane in the horizontal plane or to maneuver in space. Therefore, it is expedient to create a model of linear speed change maneuver an air target in view of the plane to maneuver. Based on experimental data obtained during the processing of flight information recorded on board a modern fighter aircraft performing maneuvers in the vertical plane, was developed a statistical model of linear rate of change of air targets, maneuvering in the vertical plane. The results of these studies have confirmed the efficacy of this model for use in secondary processing algorithm (for example, a Kalman filter) measurement of the linear speed maneuvering air targets optical-electronic system.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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