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Theoretical and methodical bases of studying of the state of health and preventive maintenance of diseases at students and teachers of high schools


T.S. Minnibaev, A.E. Severin, I.K. Rapoport, V.V. Chubarovsky, N.A. Minnibaeva, K.T. Timoshenko, G.A. Goncharov

In the present article methodological approaches to studying of a state of health of entrants, students, interns and post-graduate students, young teachers are considered. The state of health of the specified contingents is considered as open changing bio-psycho-social system. The concept of studying of processes of formation of health of all participants of educational process is proved. The primary goals of university hygiene now, consisting in definition of major factors of risk of development of infringements of health at studying youth and teachers with the subsequent working out of preventive programs and korrektsionno-improving actions are considered. In article the basic indicators of disease of students and their change over the last 10 years are considered. The special attention is given problems of the boundary mental pathology quite often formed as a result of overfatigue of pupils and teachers, and also a consequence of an unhealthy way of life. The considerable attention in article is given conditions of training and a way of life of students, prevalence of risk factors in student's population. Systems of rendering of medical aid existing in Russia to students of various high schools are in detail discussed. Priority directions of the further work on health protection of the students, based on results of the spent scientific researches are considered.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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