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Some Matters Concerning Ferrite Phase Shifter Control


N.P. Milevsky, O.V. Trekhovitsky

The paper is a continuation of the research report published in the [2]. In the latter it was proposed a way to decrease energy consumption at switching of the microwave phase shifter (MPS). This way is based on the ferrite core coercive force Hc decrease. The ferrite core used for this application has high hysteresis loop slope gradient (low reluctance) due to closed magnetic circuit of the core. In the paper are investigated different type control circuits (CC) for such ferrite core. It is shown that the best saving of consumed power one may reach if use a voltage controlled source of voltage (VCSV). To support current in the core biasing coil during periods of time between the switchings, in the VCSV circuit besides negative back loop is used a positive back loop also. Balance ratio is founded for the negative and positive back loops, which ensures permanent current value in the ferrite core biasing coil. By modeling and experimenting were defined and compared an energy consumption values for the control of phase shifter with magnetic memory and the same for the phase shifter with low coercive ferrite core. It is shown that the low coercive ferrite core phase shifter controlled by VCSV with combined negative/positive back loop has by order of magnitude lower energy consumption. This feature permits increasing of phase shifter switching repetition frequency by order of magnitude (up to 15 kHz).
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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