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Fluorescent diagnostics of a cancer measuring system based of fsd-9 mini-spectrometer


G.L. Danielyan, V.D. Rumyantseva, K.S. Schamkhalov, I.P. Shilov, L.Yu. Kochmarev, A.V. Ivanov, A.S. Ryabov

The optical scheme of FSD-9 mini-spectrometer with spectral resolution of some nanometers in the working spectral range at 200-1080 nm was developed. FSD-9 mini-spectrometer with optical fiber input possesses high sensitivity up to 0,1 nW (at 632 nm wavelength). The fluorescent diagnostics method was approved on the experimental animals (mice-females of Balb/c line with implanted Erlich’s tumor) by means of developed measuring system.

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