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«Indemnifications of distortions of peak-phase distribution of a field» as a problem of a reduction from the measured pressure to intensity of a field in the phase centres of an antenna array of a direction finder


A.D. Vinogradov, I.S. Dmitriev

Article is devoted elimination of methodical errors of direction finding, arising at definition of a direction of arrival of a flat electromagnetic wave by means of a multichannel phase direction finder with an antenna array from not directed antenna elements owing to electrodynamic interaction of antenna elements among themselves and with conductors of the nearest environment. It is offered to solve this problem a method of a reduction from the measured complex amplitudes of pressure on loadings of antenna elements to complex amplitudes of intensity of a foreign field of a flat wave in the phase centres of these antenna elements. The reduction problem is solved as a problem of approximation of the vector complex diagramme of an orientation of an antenna array by product of two linear operators of final dimension. Approximation was carried out by a method of uncertain multipliers of Lagrange, which leads to the decision of the redefined system of the linear equations. The pseudo-reference of this system receives expression of the reducing linear operator through tabular values of the vector complex diagramme of an orientation of an antenna array. It is shown, that exact enough reduction is possible only in the bottom part of a frequency range of a direction finder where use of a method of induced electromotive forces is admissible. If the sizes of an antenna array are commensurable with length of an electromagnetic wave or exceed it, on loading of the antenna vibrator it is impossible to consider pressure as function of intensity of an electromagnetic field only in the phase centre of the vibrator, it is defined by field distribution on all length of the vibrator. For this reason, the mentioned approximation cannot be exact, and the described reduction does not lead to essential decrease in methodical errors of a phase direction finder on these frequencies. Article contains 2 figures and 14 bibliographic sources of the information.
May 29, 2020

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