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Smart antenna hardware platform for 2.4-2.5 and 4.9-5.9 frequency bands


E.S. Makarov, M.V. Saprykin, M.A. Giorgadze, I.V. Popov

Brief review of hardware smart antenna testbeds developed worldwide in last decade is provided in this paper. Hardware smart antenna platform with digital beamforming capabilities is developed. Platform consists of four-element array of two-layer E-shaped microstrip antennas, four-channel quadrature transceiver, eight-channel analog-to-digital conversion board, data acquisition board based on FPGA Virtex-4 and personal computer with installed Visual Analog (Analog Devices) и Matlab (Mathworks) software. Transceiver module is based on MAX2829 integrated circuit from Maxim and controlled from PC via LPT-port with the help of software developed in-house. Control interface is SPI and software is written by object-oriented language C#. Analog-to-digital conversion board is based on AD9252 from Analog Devices and includes two quad-amplifiers AD8334, quartz oscillator and four potentiometers for coarse gain control. The initial results of high-resolution DOA estimation are provided which show possibility of resolution of signals placed 16° apart from each other. This angular distance is below Rayleigh limit and resolution was provided by ESPRIT method only.
May 29, 2020

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