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Dynamic characteristics of the magnetron generator


I.I. Artyukhov, A.I. Zemtsov

In electro-technological plants, microwave generators based on magnetrons of low power from 500 to 1000 W are widely applied. Power supplies of such generators are often carried out under the scheme containing the transformer with two secondary windings, one of which serves for heat of the cathode, another – for formation of anode voltage. Level of microwave power is regulated by a pulse-width method. For this purpose, the control block periodically switches on and off the power supply of a magnetron by means of the switch. Thus, because of a lag effect of thermo-emission process of the cathode, the anode current reaches working value after a supplying the voltage on a primary winding of the transformer. In the article, the experimental research results of transients which occur in the magnetron generator at supplying the voltage are presented. The influence of this voltage value on generator dynamic characteristics is shown. Research results can be used for calculation and designing of power supplies of magnetron generators and for creating systems of automatic control of microwave electro-technological plants.
May 29, 2020

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