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Near field antenna diagnostics of Plasma and plasmic nanostructures by solution of inverse problem for waveguide probe


M.V. Davidovich

The possibility of microwave diagnostics of volume gas-discharge plasma and plasmic nanostructures, containing thin metal (nanodi-mensional) or semi-conductor films on a substrate is analyzed on the basis of a method of the integral equations and the scattering inverse problem solution for waveguide probe structures. For such diagnostics the electrodynamic structures in the form of the rectangular waveguide (probe) connected to multimodal rectangular waveguide or resonator are considered. The model in the form of radiation from a rectangular wave guide with a flange in the multilayered environment is considered also. As the nanodimensional structures it is possible to use the quasi-periodically located metal films. The strict full-wave models offered in works of the author are used. The possibility of diagnostics of electrophysical properties of considered structures is defined as the essential scattering parameters dependence from the specified properties in microwave frequency range. The model of multicomponent plasma is used for modeling. Numerical results of modelling testify to possibility of similar diagnostics, including the measurement of thickness of metal and semi-conductor films. For accuracy increase the losses in a waveguide or in the resonator are considered. More exact definition of parametres demands to use higher frequencies, including terahertz range.
May 29, 2020

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