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The projection adaptive algorithms for detection and an estimation of parameters of weak signals in a passive mode


G.S. Malishkin, V.S. Melkanovich, Y.V. Shafranyuk

The adaptive algorithms on the basis of two variants of orthogonal projector, using sample number that is considerably smaller than number of antenna elements, are considered. The considered direction of creation of projective algorithms is based on use of features of formation of own numbers and own vectors of sample estimates of correlation matrixes for multiple antenns in the process of accumulation of input sample. According to these features own numbers and own vectors are formed quickly enough and volume of sample of more number of strong signals, but it is essential less numbers of elements of the antenn enough that the high own numbers and corresponding own vectors correctly reflected properties of strong signals. The second feature of considered algorithms consists in use of normalization of strong signals that makes it possible to eliminate marks of strong signals from the radar scope and improve contrast of marks of weak signals. The variants of algorithms for the permission and an estimation of parameters both weak, and strong signals on the basis of the orthogonal projector, using directly input sample (the first variant), and an orthogonal projector on the basis of the short samples spectrum analysis (the second variant) are defined. Simulated results have shown that algorithms on the basis of the first variant of an orthogonal projector are almost equivalent to the algorithms of the second variant of a projector that is much more complicated in realization. Also it is shown that algorithms on the basis of short samples can have an advantage over classical algorithms (using sample numbers considerably bigger than number of antenna elements) in case of clutter properties fluctuation, for example, in a situation with partial acoustic scattering
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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