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Features of the compensation of the influence of refraction of electromagnetic waves decimetric and metric ranges on the accuracy of the results of trajectory angle measurement in the upper layers of the Earth's atmosphere


A.M. Karachevzev

The article considers the features of the refractive properties of the upper layers of the atmosphere of the Earth and their influence on the accuracy of the coordinate and time of measurements. The article proposed to solution of the problem of compensation of the influence of ionospheric refraction in determining the angular coordinates of space objects observed in the decimeter and meter band radiowaves radar complexes as land based and spacebased. The article gives recommendations on the use of natural properties of the ionosphere to a partial self-compensation effect of refraction on the results of the coordinate-time measurements of space-based radar system and increase their accuracy.The article shows the dependence of the angle of total atmospheric refraction of data values zenith angle and height of the observed space object. The article presents the results of the calculation of this dependence in carrying out of trajectory measurements in the lower ionosphere and upper ionosphere
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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