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Направления развития современных систем управления и наведения высокоточного оружия. Часть III


A.B. Borzov, R.P. Bystrov, A.S. Korachkov, V.K. Mashlijkovski, V.B. Suchkov, V.A. Cherepenin

In the article the factors of development of modern radio engineering control systems and seekers of the high-precision weapon and increase of their efficiency on the basis of definition of technical shape and a substantiation of the basic technical requirements of such systems are considered. On the basis of the open scientific and technical information various types of modern onboard radars, including aviation control systems and seekers, land control systems, sea control systems of antiaircraft defence are considered. Examples and comparative characteristics of various radar systems are described. Military-oriented radar systems of a near radar-location such as radar gauges of the targets for seekers, multifunctional fuses and onboard independent systems of measures of parametres of a near miss in nature experiments tests of air defence complexes are considered. Special attention is given to use of a millimeter range of radio waves in onboard radar systems, technical and technological aspects. Also the ways of development of onboard information systems of control shell which are connected with use of a short-wave part of millimetric wave range are considered. |It allows to improve angular and distance resolution of radar for detection of small-size objects in presence of clutters. Expected technical characteristics of alternative samples of control radar systems and sekers in a short part of a millimetric range of radio-waves are described. The ways of development of modern control systems and seekers of the high-precision weapon, such as systems of antimissile and antiaircraft defence, aviation control systems and promptings, control systems of a near radar-location and onboard radio-engineering information systems are presented. The basic ways of Russian researches in the field of radio engineering systems in interests of defence of the country practically coincide with similar works abroad. However level of these researches is characterised by accruing backlog. Thus researches in the field of a choice of new generations of radars on new physical, technical, technological and information levels of development are necessary
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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