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Environmentally-Related Oxidative Stress as a Carcinogenesis Factor


A.Ya. Chizhov, S.K. Pinaev, S.Z. Savin

The authors present the analysis of publications devoted to the influence of environmental conditions on human health in terms of effects on redox homeostasis. As a model was used carcinogenesis. Analysis of the literature has shown the relationship between the appearance of oxidative stress (OS) and environmental factors such as soil environment with heavy metals, deficiency of selenium in the environment, the lack of antioxidant vitamins, and the impact of various electromagnetic radiations. On the other hand, there are a number of environmental factors that reduce the intensity of free radical reactions. The authors emphasize that redox processes is an integral part of physiological homeostasis. Increasing concentrations of reactive oxygen metabolites converts the cell into an unstable state of hypersensitivity to a specific stimulus control, which is a prerequisite for epigenetic regulation of the process of cell proliferation and differentiation. OS as a factor of carcinogenesis increases the mutagenesis and causes the suppression of immune cells. This leads to a relative immune deficiency and creates prerequisites for the survival of transformed cells. After the tumor the OS became her weapon against the microorganism. OS also became an epigenetic factor of tumor growth regulation and ensure the formation of tumor phenotype. The authors conclude that on the one hand correction of environmentally related OS is necessary for the prevention of tumor. On the other hand the correction of the OS after the tumor is pathogenetic substantiated part of anticancer therapy
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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