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Development of Information and Analytical Support for Scientific and Research Activities in the National Nuclear Research University «MEPHI»


V.I. Budzko, D.V. Leonov, V.S. Nikolayev, B.N. Onykiy, K.A. Sokolina

Solution of such problems as search, selection, storage, processing, structuring and analysis of information is a burning issue of modern information technologies. Rapid and efficient management of various sources of information is impossible without the use of appropriate software tools, which help to save time and human resources. Such technologies are especially important for information and analytical support of professional activities, when scientific and technological information is distributed across numerous sources, including the Internet. The development of multi-agent information and analytical systems is one of the most promising branches of new information and communication technologies. Agent, being a computer program, a smart robot-mediator, can help to solve the problem of regular search, collection of topical information and its delivery to the user. The functions of agents include scanning of professionally relevant sources of information using specified search requirements, creation and maintenance of object-oriented databases, automatic document processing, generation of semantic networks, analytical reports and so on. Despite the novelty of agent-based systems and the lack of universal terminology, this technology is developing rapidly and is gaining popularity around the world. In particular, the National Nuclear Research University “MEPhI” is developing multi-agent information and analytical systems on natural sciences and several technology areas

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