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Models for Synthesis of Precision Positioning Systems of the Locomotive for the Decision of Close and Deep Integration Problems of Nonplatform Inertial and Satellite Navigating Systems


V.I. Umansky

The approach led in work to synthesis of algorithms of a nonlinear filtration of navigating parameters nonplatform inertial navigating systems allows to refuse, first, any simplifying assumptions concerning character of movement of the object, indignations of the various physical nature acting on it, character of handicapes of measurement, etc., Secondly, to provide invariancy of algorithms оценивания to a kind of physical model of the locomotive, thirdly, to construct the closed algorithms of a filtration of navigating parameters on the basis of only independent information, fourthly, to realize onboard the locomotive algorithmic multistructural nonplatform inertial navigating system at its same instrument structure that will allow to increase the general accuracy of the decision of a navigating problem, and fifthly, to provide an opportunity of information expansion of algorithms of a filtration of navigating parameters without change of structure and dimension of the filter due to комплексирования structure of independent measuring instruments with means of measurement of satellite navigating systems

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