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Disaster Recovery Geographically Distributed Information-Telecommunication System of the Centralized Processing of Banking Information


M.U. Senatorov, V.G. Belenkov, V.I. Budzko, I.I. Bistrov,A.N. Kozlov, A.A. Kudriashov, A.P. Kurilo, S.F. Mihailov, S.Y. Nagibin, A.V. Shmid

The article presents a science-based technology transfer from the existing Bank of Russia 78 regional data centers to a limited number of high-performance collective data centers (KDC), while ensuring high availability requirements of the collective processing of banking information and reaching the minimum total cost of ownership of the infrastructure. A system description created a geographically distributed KDC infrastructure, ensuring smooth operation of automated systems for bank settlements in terms of disasters and other unforeseen circumstances. New system includes three geographically distributed KDCs of mutual backup. A description of telecommunication systems, transportation, electronic payment system, means of information security, management, operation and maintenance. This is unique in its characteristics the system of collective information processing - disaster recovery geographically distributed information-telecommunication system of the centralized processing of banking information has no analogues in the Russia. Unique engineering facilities fully designed, installed, integrated in the banking environment and is accompanied by local scientists and engineers. It is a large, implemented in practice, the scientific and technological development in the field of banking automation. The introduction of this system effectively allowed to redistribute functions between the federal and regional levels, taking into account the vertical management of the Bank of Russia, to provide the necessary performance in increasing the flow of information for the next 10 years, to remove problems caused by the difference in time zones in the country, while maintaining current operating days in the territorial Bank of Russia institutions by ensuring the continuous operation to 24 hours a day, exercise performance calculations for fixed payments in real time, create the necessary prerequisites to enhance the soundness and reduce the time of preparation and decision making at the Bank of Russia, to provide disaster recovery system in general, safe and effective management of the current operation of telecommunications and information resources, and information security

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