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The training of specialists in information security of organizations of the Russian banking system


Y.V. Malinin, I.E. Khairov, P.V. Genievsky

This article tells about the training of specialists in information security of organizations, of the Russian banking system. Implementing positions of the Standard of Bank of Russia is responsible, complex and intellectually difficult process. Efficiency and adequacy of system of maintenance of information security of all bank depends on the organization of process of introduction. One of the main conditions for effective functioning of the system of maintenance information security in a banking organization is the availability of trained personnel departments IS, IT, internal control. It is also important to know the basic principles of training of bank employees. Some necessary points will help to raise awareness of employees of all levels more effectively. Practice shows that one-time training doesn't provide expected effect. The article gives a description and purpose of each line of course the whole family of advanced training programs coordinated with the Council of Community ABISS. Each of these courses is directed on the solving of specific problems. All courses at the Academy of Information Systems are carried out by practicing experts in the Standard Bank of Russia STO BR IBBS, including experts from the Council of Community ABISS. It should be noted about the advantages of distance learning for organizations with geographically distributed enterprise. Training courses as agreed with the Council of Community ABISS and key regulators of the banking industry (Bank of Russia, FSTEK Russia and the Russian FSB) are guaranteed an effective tool for training services, information security, IT and internal control, which guarantees reliable operation of the system of ensuring information security

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