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Model of Information System Design under the Condition of New Information Technologies Flow


G.A. Gorelkin, U.M. Tulemisov, A.V. Gorshkov

One of the features of information system creation nowadays is that during their design and development process there are new IT appearing, which are desirable to be included. It is associated with the shortening of time intervals between new IT appearances. This is a new and substantial factor, which needs to be considered and used in creation new and improving existing information systems. The approach proposed to design IS considering those factors, according to which costs associated with efficiency analysis, design and manufacturing pilot needs to be considered common limitation and to perform simultaneous conceptual, mathematical and environmental modeling of IS variants, which is using IT of different maturity levels. As a new IT appears proposition is to conduct ranking of different variants of IS structure and reconsider functional parts which needs to be conceptually, mathematically and environmentally modeled. Design procedure proposed, which incorporates this approach and consists of 10 phases

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