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Comparative Analysis of the Characteristics of the Encryption and Error Propagation Stream Ciphers Based on the Majority Functions


P.S. Volkov, S.S. Volkov, V.N. Gridin, B.V. Roschin

In modern systems of secure radio communications to protect transmitted information are most commonly used standardized crypto algorithms. Such systems should provide virtually error-free transmission of protected information that poses a significant problem, especially in mobile systems mobile radio, for example, built on the TETRA standard. In the complex propagation of the radio signals in the received signal appear packet errors that result in noise immune filtering in receivers on the above standard is not always possible to exclude completely, and their rest influence on the procedure for decrypting received messages. In the article are investigated the parameters of this effect, which may later be used to develop ways to further reduce, and devotes considerable attention to the statistical characteristics of the ciphertext. In the article are showed that the decrease in the length feedback register of the decryption devices based on majority function characteristics of encryption are perfectly acceptable and do not concede the same characteristics of standard cryptographic algorithms in mode gammirovaniya. Reducing the length feedback register of the decryption device based on majority function can significantly reduce the number of propagated errors on standard cryptographic algorithms in mode direct replacement or information loss on standard cryptographic algorithms in mode gammirovaniya in case of security group communication and signal complex distribution channels. In addition, a small number of propagated errors of proposed ciphers for short feedback registers allow to hope for the emergence in the near future-correcting codes to correct them

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