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Active RC-filter on parametric RC-EDP for adaptive communication systems


A.Kh. Gil'mutdinov, N.V. Porivaev, P.A. Ushakov

Application of digital signal processing over the range high frequency and the microwave is restricted because of very high clock frequencies. Therefore preprocessing of signals prefers to produce by analog devices, and control by digital, using their basic advantages: small size, high noise immunity and flexibility of the software. In the conditions of raised radio-noise field strength, inherent to operating of the modern mobile systems of communication, improvement of quality communication can achieve by use in input circuits of the radio-receiving devices of the analog adaptive filters automatically changing the performances at change of requirements of signal detection. In article analog adaptive filter circuit containing parametric resistance-capacitance element with distributed parameters (RC-EDP) is offered and adjusting characteristics are researched. Performances control of the parametric RC-EDP is carried out by change of distribution law of a specific-capacitance on length RC-ЭРП by apply on it 32 control electrodes on surface RC-ЭРП, one of two fixed levels of a control voltage (Umax or Umin). The mathematical model of the analog adaptive filter is presented, the search algorithm of the driving code by the given layout of a dominating pair of complex conjugate poles of the transmitting performance of the filter, based on genetic algorithm of searching optimization is developed. Possibility of bandwidth control amplitude-frequency response of the filter with constant of adjustment frequency and possibility of adjustment frequency control with constant transmission band amplitude-frequency response by apply on control electrodes of the voltages corresponding to certain numerical code which are by means of genetic algorithm is shown. The example of is constructive-technological embodying parametric RC-EDP, fulfilled on bipolar production engineering is given. It is shown that all devices of the filter can be made as a part of one integrated circuit

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