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Fractal analysis of infocommunication flows in large systems and networks


Yu.K. Evdokimov, D.V. Shakhturin

One of the basic large network characteristics is topology dimensions. Therefore a great number of these networks properties depend on dimension. This dependence can be determined as function relation: “property of network = f (topological dimension)”. Junctions of distributed communication network can be considered as set of points embedded in space. This fact allows to use dimension of topology this network estimation method based on self-similarity properties which is inherent for fractals. Dimension of this points set has fractional (fractal) dimension. Studies of travel time for the rail network, the delay time messages on the Internet and losses in the path of digital mobile communications indicate the existence of a common global patterns of development and operation of systems and communications networks. The above objects, in spite of the fact that represent different functional systems have one common feature - their properties mainly depend on the geometry and topology. At the same time one of the fundamental characteristics of such systems and networks is their fractal dimension. The results of the research can be concluded that the proposed approach, based on the methods of fractal geometry, allows the identification of key quantitative and qualitative indicators of distributed communication systems and networks based on an analysis of their topological structure

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