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Method of Synthesis of Self-Similar Oscillation Generators. Energetics Invariants


A.A. Kolesnikov

In this article we explore design method of new class of self-similar generators of nonlinear oscillations based on the invariance of energy conservation law in self-oscillating systems. In modern nonlinear dynamics the most fundamental problem is the complex problem of regular and chaotic oscillation processes control in systems of various natures. The problem of regular and chaotic oscillations control is reflected in numerous scientific publication and on international conferences and workshops in Russian and abroad. This problem becomes one of the source for development of nonlinear dynamics and synergetics, i.e. science about processes of self-organization in complex system. This underlined important control problem is not solved yet and needs, for our opinion, further development. So, in the paper, we explore the synergetics approach to design of new class generators of nonlinear oscillations based on known method of analytical design of aggregated regulators (ADAR). By this method, we introduce desired energetics invariants (attractors) into space state of synthesized systems. This approach provides analytical definition of feedbacks that form desired structure of nonlinear oscillation processes. In the paper we find out the new features of self-similar oscillation generators. We use the method of introduction of energetics invariants as the base for synthesis of new type of generators for nonlinear oscillations. This method reflects the natural properties of these generators
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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