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Nonlinear Stationary Waves Rotary Type in the Cosserat Medium


V.I. Erofeyev, Ju.V. Vinogradova

In contrast to the continuum mechanics in a micropolar medium (Cosserat medium) solid characterized by the vector of the center of mass and rotation vector. In addition to the strain tensor is introduced bending-torsion tensor, except for the stress tensor – the tensor of couple stress. All tensors are asymmetric. Solid is characterized by six degrees of freedom and is described by six equations of motion. We have studied one-dimensional wave processes. It is shown that in a micropolar medium can form nonlinear stationary elastic wave rotary type. Such a wave is periodic and is moving faster than waves in a linear medium. Wave has a sawtooth shape, the wavelength increases with its amplitude
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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