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Magnetic and relaxation properties ferromagnetic of multinanolayer composite - composite∕semiconductor films


L.N. Kotov, V.K. Turkov, V.S. Vlasov, A.V. Golov, Yu.E. Kalinin, A.V. Sitnikov

Magnetic resonance and relaxation properties of composite-semiconductor multilayer films are investigated by ferromagnetic resonance (FMR) method. The multilayer films with {[(Co45-Fe45-Zr10)x(Al2O3)y]-[α-Si]}120 and {[(Co45-Fe45-Zr10)x(Al2O3)y]-[α-Si:H]}120 compositions was obtained by ion-beam evaporation method in argon atmosphere and with addition of hydrogen. FMR characteristics of single-layered composite and composite-composite multilayered films are resulted and obtained. The dependencies of specific electric resistance, average magnetization function and width of FMR line on metal (magnetic) phase concentration x in composite layers and nanolayers thickness of composite-composite multilayer films of series C and composite-semiconductor multilayered films series D, E are obtained. The average magnetization function determines demagnetization and induced anisotropy fields. It is revealed that FMR characteristic dependences on x and thickness of layers for composite films of series A and multilayered films (composite-composite) of series C have similar behavior. The shift of the maximum on dependence of width of line on х for multilayered films of C series comparing with maximum ΔH(x) for single-layered films of A series can be caused by roughness on layers bound. For multilayer films of series D and E wide maxima on dependences ΔH(x) which correlate with layers thickness dependence d(x) are observed. Occurrence of maxima is coupled with maximum of demagnetized fields and minimum of electrons exchange through semiconductor layer among magnetic granules in the area of the maximum of d(x). It results in general broadening of FMR line and maximum of ΔH(x). Shift of average magnetization function values towards bigger values for all films series at nitrogen cooling and increase of concentration x is coupled with increasing of saturation magnetization and degree of exchange interaction between composite layers granules. Hence FMR characteristics depend on magnetic interaction between magnetic granules in composite layers and between layers, thickness of composite and semiconductor layers and topology of nanogranules in composite layers. The formula describing exchange interaction of conductivity electrons between composite layers separated by a semiconductor layer was received. The films of series C for which the width of FMR line is relative narrow can be applied in manufacturing of the information processing microwave devices. The films of series E with wider FMR line can be used as the thin absorbing microwave coverings
May 29, 2020

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