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Photoelectrical properties of multi layers silicon-phthalocyanine nanosized structures


L.G. Pakhomov, D.A. Prjakhin, V.V. Travkin, P.A. Luchnikov

Two-layer silicon-phthalocyanine (Pc) - nc-Si / Pc or Pc / nc-Si nanosized structures are prepared by chemical vapour deposition. Layer of nc-Si is deposited by plasma enhanced chemical vapour deposition with the use of SiF4 and H2 mixture. Layers of phthalocyanine PcVO, PcH2, Cl16PcCu complexes are deposited by thermal evaporation of initial substances in vacuum nc-Si / Pc heterojunction is formed as a result of nc-Si deposition on the phthalocyanine film surface without interaction between layers. Current-voltage characteristics of layered heterostructures are measured. It is shown that hybrid layered heterostructures with the thickness of layers 80…200 nm demonstrate straightening behaviour, high photosensitivity in visible and NIR ranges, as well as display photovoltaic effect

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