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Extraordinary optical tramsmission of composite nanostriuctured films with a monolayer of silver nanoparticles


K.K. Altunin

In connection with the development of new technologies of nanomaterials has become an urgent task of the experimental study of optical properties of new nanomaterials, as well as an adequate theoretical model to describe the optical processes in nanostructured coatings of new nanomaterials. We describe the new nanocomposite nanomaterial in the form of metal-polymer films with a thickness of 2 nm to 100 microns with a quasi-zero average of complex refractive index. The application of these films, for example, in solar cells leads to a multiple enhancement their efficiency in excess of world figures. New nanomaterials with small values of the complex refractive index are directly related to the problem clearing the surfaces of various optical media. The coherent optical transmission of nanostructures with quasi-zero complex refractive index of nanocomposite materials doped with silver nanoparticles. The optical properties of new nanocomposite materials with the quasi-zero refractive index and the absorption coefficient, as well as films made of these nanomaterials on various substrates. It is shown that the films, synthesized from (PMMA+Ag) nanomaterials, are high-efficiency antireflective coatings in the optical wavelength range from 420 to 1055 nm. A distinctive feature of these antireflective coatings is their weak dependence on the incident angles of the external optical radiation. We propose the quantum theory based on the method of lattice sums and the integral equation method for calculating the optical reflectance and transmittance for nanocomposite films. Optical characteristics of nanostructures can be calculated using the method of integral equations in optics. By the method of lattice sums were able to calculate the optical reflection and transmission for nanocomposite films with the monolayer of silver nanoparticles on substrates of glass, silicon, diamond and silver
May 29, 2020

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