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The molecular structure and morphology transformation of polyimide-fluoropolymer film surface layers treated by low-frequency glow discharge plasma


A.A. Rogachev, O.A. Sarkisov, A.V. Rogachou, P.A. Luchnikov

The peculiarities of kinetic changes of morphology and molecular structure of composite double-layer polyimide-fluoropolymer film treated in low-frequency glow discharge plasma have been studied. The change of morphology and molecular structure of surface layers after low-frequency glow discharge plasma treatment by the method of infrared spectroscopy and atomic force microscopy has been determined. In case polyimide layer treatment occur mainly layer-by-layer etching and formed layers have cyclic variations of polar and dispersion component of surface energy and uniform distributed on surface electrophysical heterogeneities. The nonmonotonic kinetic dependence of concentration oxygen-containing groups which indicate layer-by-layer etching of surface layer when in use plasmachemical treatment has been determined. The etching of molecules aligned primary parallel to the surface of a substrate and formation columnar structure large 400…600 nm and height 100…150 nm in case fluoropolymer layer treatment has been shown

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