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Nanoporous sol-gel silicate films


V.A. Vasiljev, D.S. Seregin, K.A. Vorotilov

Changing of optical properties, microstructure and chemical composition of sol-gel silicate and organosilicate films has been studied using a combined application of Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy and multi wavelength ellipsometry. Thin films of porous silica nanocomposites were prepared sol-gel method and evaporation-induced self-assembly process. The films were deposited from sol by a spin-on deposition process. The silicate sols were prepared by hydrolysis and condensation of silicon alkoxide precursors in polar organic solvents. After hydrolysis and condensation processes surface active agent (SAA) was added in the solutions. A porous structure was created by thermo destruction of the SAA. Evolution of chemical composition and microstructure of the films was investigated depend on silicon alkoxide precursors and cure temperature. Temperature range of destruction the surface active agent in the silicate and organosilicate films was determined. It is shown that thermal destruction of surfactants molecules in organosilicate films in the temperature range from 250 to 425 °С leads to a decrease of refractive index to 1,2 and to an increase of relative porosity to 50 %. Covalent bonds of methyl groups in silica polymer chains provide hydrophobic behaviour of silicate films and dramatically decreasing number silanol groups

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