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Morphology and mechanical properties composite copper-carbon of the coverings besieged from pulse plasma


D.G. Piliptsov, A.V. Rogachev, N.N. Fedosenko

Structural features and mechanical properties of the diamondlike coverings alloyed by copper received from cathodic pulse plasma are certain. The pecularities of the influence of the copper alloying of such coatings on their microhard-ness, internal mechanical stresses and morphology have been defined. It is shown, that copper-containing carbon coatings have non-uniform structure, they are characterised by lower microhardness and they keep high tribotechnical properties. Microhard-ness increases after annealing the coatings containing carbon, titanium and copper. Copper implantation into the coating leads to decrease of internal mechanical stresses and changes their character; at high copper concentration they become compressing

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