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Features of simulation of switching charge in ferroelectric nanodimensional heterostructures


Yu.V. Podgorny, K.A.Vorotilov

The questions of modeling of the experimental hysteresis loops of ferroelectric thin film materials with thickness of 30 ... 200 nm using the analytic functions of a normal distribution, inverse parabolic and arctangent are discussed. The best result for ferroelectric capacitor switching gives model based on inverse parabolic C-V function. Simulations of polarization loop in the form of arc tangent have raised quality and speed of data treatment. Numerical techniques of model parameters definition are given. Experimental results of some PZT ferroelectric thin film capacitors hysteresis loops modeling are presented. Application of developed mathematical models of hysteresis loops can simplify mathematic interpretation and estimation of influence on polarizing response of interface layers, formed between film of ferroelectric and electrodes. As it is well known, this effect becomes essential as a result of film thickness reduction. The model can be integrated in EDA tools at FeRAM development

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