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Molecular diffusion processes during the formation of organic planar nanostructures based on phthalocyanines


L.A. Kondrachenko, E.S. Leonov, P.A. Luchnikov, L.G. Pakhomov , V.V. Travkin

Technology of layered organic semiconductor planar structures provides for a consistent deposition of individual components or composite layers. Molecular doping of matrix high-molecular organic layer by low-molecular organic compounds (dopants) from neighboring layer occurs in the process. When passing from conventional thin-film structures to the nanosize ones the role of diffusion processes is increased as diffusion time of atoms and molecules in conjunction layers is drastically decreased. This paper describes how to determine diffusion coefficients of low-weight molecular organic substances (dopanta) in organic semiconductor film matrix based on vanadil phthalocyanine. A method based on three-dimensional integrated electrical conductivity σ of planar double layered nanostructures, changing by the diffusive dopant penetration of dopant molecules in the original film. This assumes that the value of σ is directly proportional to the number of dopant molecules (concentration) which is passed through the interface between original film of organic matrix semiconductor and dopant layer on its surface. According to the obtained experimental dependencies of σ versus time t and processing of modeling data diffusion coefficients with a high enough precision for practice are calculated

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