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Electronic structure of ion-modified materials. Part 2: X-ray-emission spectroscopy


D.А. Zatsepin, A.S. Sigov, E.Z. Kurmaev

Analysis of an information capability of the methods that are studying the electronic structure and chemical bonding in the ion-modified compounds allow concluding that the energy spectrum of the electronic states in these materials most effectively can investigated with the help of spectroscopic technique. The most suitable for this purpose is an X-ray emission spectroscopy method, because it is a direct method for studying the electronic structure of solids and, therefore, it is able to receive directly the total information on the energy distribution of the partial electronic states for each atom-component in various materials with the minimum requirements for the preparation of the sample surface. An application of synchrotron radiation for selective excitation of X-ray emission significantly expands the informative capabilities of the method, especially when studying the materials with complex chemical composition due to the clear manifestation of the spectral contribution from a particular phase in a multiphase sample. While varying the excitation energy near the specific spectral features of the fine structure of X-ray absorption spectrum, one can obtain also the ability to identify the nonequivalent atomic positions in the surrounding vicinity of X-ray emitting atom (eg, «planar» and «apex» ligand)

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