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Metabolism clerangement of carbohydrate-containing components of connective tissu of a pancreas in a modell prenatal alcoholic intoxication


N.M. Kurch, V.Е. Vysokogorsky

In homogenates of pancreas of prenatal alcoholic rats the statistically significant increase of concentration of glucuronic acids, glycosaminoglycans, gexoses of glycoproteins is revealed. In plasma of rats the significant augmentation of glycosaminoglycans, gexoses of glycoproteins and sialyc acids is discoverd. This changes are accompanied by decrease level of TIMP-1 and increase β-glucuronidase activity. Received data are evidence about of carbohydrates-protein complexes of connective tissue of pancreas in a model of prenatal alcoholic intoxication. Application of α-lipoic acids allows to normаlizе biochemical markers of glycoconjugates metabolism in pancreas.

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